Essential Oils

Here, you will find our offering of 'Essential Oils' and 'Essence Oils'.  What's the difference between Essential and Essence oils?  Well.....

"Essential Oils" are completely pure oils, most often steam distilled from massive amounts of the plant in question.  They are VERY strong, and require a gentle hand when using them.  Essential oils should not be used directly on the skin as one would use a perfume or "essence" oil.  Most often Essential oils are added to carrier oils, such as almond oil, mineral oil, or lotions, when used on the body.  A drop of oil can also be used in the water of a diffuser to scent an entire room.  Pregnant women should be especially careful when using straight essential oils.

The cost for some essential oils can often be prohibitive.  For instance, essential Rose oil can cost well over a thousand dollars for only a scant amount, so most "Rose Oil" will be an "Essence Oil".  Essence Oils are not as strong or as expensive as Essential Oils.  They usually contain a lesser amount of Essential Oil mixed into a pure carrier oil.  This allows a terribly expensive Essential oil to be used in a cost effective way.  Essence oils are naturally not as strong, and can usually be used directly on the skin, but, we always recommend testing any product on a very small patch of skin.

We offer 'Azure Green' Pure Essential Oils and Essence Oils, which are made with outstanding quality and attention to detail.  The Essence oils are mixed with other high-end aromatics to provide the best possible source of some hard to find scents.  Due to the strength of all of these oils, they are for external use ONLY.

2 dram bottles

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