About Us

Kathryn and Jeani Kyair are each Pagan Elders and each are ordained Clergy in the Unitarian Life Church (ULC). Jeani, a celtic Hedge Witch, and Kathryn, a Heathen Gythja, for barter, are available for all of your ritual needs from birth to death. Consider them for your baby blessings, coming of age, hand fastings, weddings, oath making, elder/cronage celebration, funeral, and cremation witnessing...to name a few...or, invite them to customize a moon ritual for you. E-mail your ritual needs and ideas to Kathryn and/or Jeani at redraventreasures@aol.com.

About Kathryn....... "Life is an adventure. Sometimes, wandering offers us the best lessons. Wandering brings the warmth of other hearths, then the warmth of our own hearth when we return home. Whether it was my barefoot walks up the ancient marble path to the Greek Parthenon; behind an oar of the trireme 'Olympias'; trekking in the alps; or, having good conversation with friends; all the paths I have wandered, and the people along them, have sparked my interests, allowed me to connect with soul memory, to question, and, to seek my own answers. Likewise, a lifetime of spiritual study has led me to consider many traditions.

I was eventually led to study Druid traditions, but felt that it did not enhance my warrior spirit enough. Norse paganism, i.e. Heathenism, Asatru, Vanatru, was a better fit. Life, continued study, and dedication to my Goddess, Freyja, have given me the blue cloak of a Gythja. All experiences, good or bad, I never take for granted (although, really, I like the good experiences a lot better than the bad!). All have, indeed, made me who I am and I am thankful for every one. Perhaps you and I will meet again. Look for me...and I will look for you. Hailsa!"


About Jeani....... "In my sixty years of life, I have learned the value of embracing the gifts the Universe has given me. My Celtic/Norse ancestors laid the groundwork for my rather eclectic spiritual practices. Born to be a fearless seeker in all aspects of my life including my career(s), my relationships and my beliefs have allowed me to experience a wide variety of things that I can share with others.

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by an abundance of wise women who filled in the gaps in my formal education and pointed me towards my goddess. A sharp mind and a driven search for knowledge had to be tempered by events to give me a firm grounding in the realities of this life. For example, it took an illness to make me a more compassionate healer and to see that healing was not just necessary for the physical body, but for the mind and the spirit as well. Living in a haunted house showed me that there was more than the physical world, that we sometimes have to deal with, and taught me not to be afraid of the other side of this plane of existence.

The joys of cronage means being able to look back at my life and see how I have been steered, (okay, forced), to grow into someone who can offer Crone Wisdom to those who seek advice, (and even sometimes to those who don’t). I honor Bridget, the Celtic triple Goddess, she who is patron of the healer/midwife, the bard/storyteller and the woman of the forge, artisan/craftsman. I have been able to combine my skills in such a way that I can organize events and celebrations, such as weddings, baby blessings and even a tattoo convention to be artistic, educational and even fun.  Whether it is performing a wedding/commitment ceremony, a baby blessing or walking a soul over to the other side I am prepared to embrace my calling and offer my services to others."